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Catalyst E And 4e

Name: Catalyst E and 4E: Catalyst E Wheels - Superlight Spoke
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Catalyst E Wheels - Superlight Spoke parts diagram
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Handrim Hardware Chart  |  Tire Component Chart  |  Tire Compatibility ChartNot available with Heavy Duty option. If changing wheel size and anti-tips are present, new anti-tips may be required. If changing wheel style, new axles may be needed. Please note tab mounted handrims must be installed prior to the tire being installed.
Pos. Part # Description Price UOM Buy
1a 101159 24" Superlight Spoke Wheel
1b 101158 25" Superlight Spoke Wheel
2a 102827 Replacement Spoke Superlight 24"
2b 102828 Replacement Spoke Superlight 25"