Ultralight Rigid Wheelchairs

Ultralight rigid wheelchairs are the lighter weight option of the ultralight wheelchairs. Even without the folding option, these wheelchairs are highly configurable in other ways to meet your exact needs.

The increased rigidness in ultralight rigid wheelchairs improves the energy transfer meaning that propelling these chairs will be easier. Typically, these wheelchairs also require less maintenance as compared to folding chairs as there are fewer moving parts.

Something to think about when considering a ultralight rigid wheelchair, the frames on these types of wheelchairs typically offer minimal growth or adjustability.

Most ultralight wheelchairs have adjustable configurations which can adjust the center of gravity and seat slope. Axle plates are designed to move the center of gravity rearward which can increase stability for some patients.

The frame of these chairs usually has a fixed front which can make standing transfers a bit more difficult. To help with this, some chairs offer flip-back foot supports.

If you need assistance going through a wheelchair’s customization options, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who would be happy to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

Quickie Nitrum/Nitrum Hybrid Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair
$2,105 Ea
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Quickie QRi Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair
$1,325 Ea
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Quickie 5R Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair
$1,781 Ea
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RGK Octane Sub 4 Titanium Wheelchair

RGK Octane FX Folding Titanium Ultralight

Quickie GP and GPV Ultralight Wheelchair - The Original
$1,336 Ea
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Quickie GP Swing Away Wheelchair
$1,475 Ea
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Quickie 7RS Rigid Ultralight Wheelchair

Quickie 7R Rigid Ultralight Wheelchair

Quickie Q7 Ultralight Wheelchair