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Catalyst 4 Axle Bracket

Name: Catalyst 4: Catalyst 4 Axle Bracket
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Catalyst 4 Axle Bracket parts diagram
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Pos. Part # Description Price Buy
1a 000052R Axle Bracket Offset Right
1b 000052L Axle Bracket Offset Left
1c 000281R Extended Axle Bracket Offset Right
1d 000281L Extended Axle Bracket Offset Left
2a 100674 M6 x 45 CLS10.9 DIN931 HHCS ZC- Used for Axle Plate only
2b 101826 M6 x 50 HHCS Blk Zn- Used for Anti-Tip or Swing Away Arm Bracket
2c 100676 M6 x 55 CLS10.9 DIN931 HHCS ZC- Used for Anti-Tip and Swing Away Arm Bracket
3 100658 M6 Nylock Nut Blk Zn