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Catalyst 5vx

Name: Catalyst 5Vx: Catalyst 5vx Wheels - Superlight Spoke
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Catalyst 5vx Wheels - Superlight Spoke parts diagram
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Handrim Hardware Chart  |  Tire Component Chart  |  Tire Compatibility ChartNot available with Heavy Duty Option. If changing wheel size and anti-tips are present, new anti-tips may be required. If changing wheel size or style, new axles may be needed. Please note tab mounted handrims must be installed prior to the tire being installed.
Pos. Part # Description Price UOM Buy
1a 101159 24" Superlight Spoke Wheel
1b 101158 25" Superlight Spoke Wheel
2a 102827 Replacement Spoke Superlight 24"
2b 102828 Replacement Spoke Superlight 25"