Patient Lift Slings

A critical part of most patient lifts, lift slings are material that is attached to the lift arm that holds the user during the transfer. Slings can come in a variety of materials (mesh, nylon and others) and sizes and work with most types of lifts. Padded slings provide extra comfort to those users with sensitive skin.

They also come in different styles:

  • Full Body - large square shaped sling that provides complete support (including head) to the user during transfer.
  • U-Sling - 'U' shaped sling that crosses under the legs of the patient, but does NOT provide head support.
  • Universal - crosses under the legs of the patient like a U-sling. Reduces amount of pressure on any one area of the body.

Some of these sling models also come with commode cutouts to allow for user use in the bathroom. Choose from top brands of lift slings like Drive Medical, Hoyer, Invacare and Molift.

This category also includes sling/lift straps or chains that are to be used to attach the sling to the lift.

If you need assistance selecting a patient lift sling, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who can go through your options and make recommendations for your specific situation.

Molift RgoSling Medium Back Padded Patient Lift Sling

Molift RgoSling Shadow Lift Sling

Molift RgoSling Medium Back Sling, Net

Molift RgoSling Medium back Amputee Sling, Padded

Molift RgoSling Comfort HighBack, Net

Molift RgoSling Highback Sling, Padded

Molift RgoSling HighBack Sling, Net

Molift RgoSling Highback Amputee, Padded

Molift RgoSling Highback Toilet Sling, Padded

Molift RgoSling Low Back Toilet Sling, Padded

Hoyer Padded U Patient Lift Sling

Hoyer Lift Padded U-Sling w/ Head Support

Hoyer Professional 4-Point Quick-Fit Padded Lift Sling

Hoyer Lift Nylon Mesh Bath Sling w/ Head Support

Hoyer Deluxe Transport Sling (Stand-Aid)

Hoyer One Piece Lift Sling with Positioning Strap

Hoyer Nylon Mesh U Bath Sling

Hoyer One-Piece Polydura Sling

Hoyer Dacron Commode Patient Lift Sling

Hoyer Polydura Commode Sling