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Asap Ii 12-16 Seat Frame

Name: Quickie Qm-7 SEries: Asap Ii 12-16 Seat Frame
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Asap Ii 12-16 Seat Frame parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1116576SHCA, M8X1.25X20, FULL, NP
3118651SIDE FRAME WELDMENT 12-16 L- Left,12x12 thru 16x19
3118771SIDE FRAME WELDMENT 12-16 R- Right,12x12 thru 16x19
45610621" INSERT PLUG .065 RIBS
1 - 5126836SEAT FRAME ASAP 10WD
1, 5119860WIDTH FILLER RAIL KIT W/ HRDW- Pair- used with 16" wIdth only
6119271SHCS, M8X1.25X35, PF, NP
7230497M5-.8 X 20 MM BH C/S
8118927SEAT FRAME PLUG- Used w/ Center Mount Footrest