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2/3 Axis Switch Boxes

Name: Quickie Qm-7 SEries: 2/3 Axis Switch Boxes
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
2/3 Axis Switch Boxes parts diagram
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Pos. Part # Description Price Buy
1A 130993 DRVR 3-AXIS TILT W/FB PCM- Standard Tilt with New PCM
1B 131251 DRVR 3AX ACT WITH TLT- Standard Tilt with Power Legrests
1C 131258 DRVR ACT 3AX WITH LFT- Lift or HD Tilt with Power Legrests
1D 132271 DRVR 3-AXIS LIFT, 4A PCM- Lift or HD Tilt with New PCM
1E 133112 DRIVER ACT 2-AXIS PASSIVE FB- Tilt/Lift Combo; use with 123473 or 129869
1F 123522 DRIVER ACTUATOR 2 AXIS- Tilt/Lift Combo; use with 129870
2 107021 BHCS 10-32 X 1/2 PL N/A Please Call