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Xtender Retro Fit Parts (7 Series)

Name: Quickie Q7: Xtender Retro Fit Parts (7 Series)
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Xtender Retro Fit Parts (7 Series) parts diagram
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Note: The Yamaha Xtender is not transit approved and can not be added to a chair that is transit approved.Note: retro kit hardware 158647 is used for chairs with s/n after R4-023230.Note: Xtender Retro Fit Parts (7 Series) is discontinued; for complete assembly, see GEN 2 XTENDER RETRO FIT PARTS (7 SERIES) parts page.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
11586474X XTENDER RETRO FIT HDW Q7- Required to retro fit
2114440ANTI TIP REC Q7 KIT- 2 required if no anti-tips on chair
3104221-004ANTI TIP ARM MED RGT- Right; required to retro fit
3104221-003ANTI TIP ARM MED LFT- Left; required to retro fit
4104640ANTI TIP ARM ADJ. LONG- Required to retro fit
5128077CAMBER PLUG 0 DEG XTENDER- 2 required if replacing on chair with 3 or 6 degree camber