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Extension Mount Elr Retrofit

Name: Zippie Iris (Chairs w/ S/N Prefix Zrs & Zrse): Extension Mount Elr Retrofit
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Extension Mount Elr Retrofit parts diagram
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Pos. Part # Description Price Buy
1A 131774S HEMI ELR HNGR ASM 14-15 W/PAD
1B 131775S HEMI ELR HNGR ASM 16-17 W/PAD
1C 131776S HEMI ELR HNGR ASM 18-20 W/PAD
2 107491 S/A LATCH ASSEMBLY W/BOLT- order qty 2 when retro-fitting to chair
- Use with multiple assemblies N/A Please Call
ASSY - HNG - FP ASSY-HNG-FP HANGER/FOOTPLATE ASSY REQUIRED- add with Hanger & Footplate kit N/A Please Call