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Auto Buckle Positioning Belt & Attachment Kits

Name: Zippie Iris (Chairs w/ S/N Prefix Zrs & Zrse): Auto Buckle Positioning Belt & Attachment Kits
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Auto Buckle Positioning Belt & Attachment Kits parts diagram
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NOTE: when mounting Positioning Belts to the 5R, GT or GTI, it is recommended to attach the belt by using the Backrest Support Bracket Hardware.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1102263-003SHCS M6 X 1 X 25 W/PL INORG- Metric
2250104WASHER FLAT M6- Metric
3103185-005BHCS M6X0.8X12 W/PL INORG- Metric
4106943WASHER FLAT AN 1/4 ROHS- Imperial (standard)
52261541/4-20 X 1/2 BH C/S W/PATCH- Imperial (standard)
62211161/4-20 X 1 SOC HD BLK- Imperial (standard)
7230113BHCS M6 X 1 X 12
9104381NUT HEX NYLOCK M6 x 1.0
10107383WASHER FLAT M6
11102268-002HHCS M6 X 1 X 35 BLK
12120750PSTN BELT CLAMP ASSM PR- Metric; Pair
13900116POSITION BELT ATTACHMENT KIT- Set of 2; Imperial (standard)
14116268OVAL CLAMP ASSM KIT- Kit contains 1 Clamp
16123534POS BELT CLAMP KIT RPO- Set of 2
187502761 1/2" POSITION BELT- AUTOSTYLE-64" Max length of belt.
16, 18124269AUTO POS BELT W/CLAMPS RPO- QRI: includes Belt & Attachment Kit
17, 18136463AUTO HIP BELT 1.5" KIT- ZP Xcape: includes Belt & Attachment Kit