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Tlc Shell (discontinued)

Name: Kid-Kart TLC: Tlc Shell (discontinued)
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Tlc Shell (discontinued) parts diagram
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Note: Chairs built after S/N Number XPS-5367364-11085-MX utilized black components and not gray, replacement parts will only be offered in black.
Pos. Part # Description Price Buy
1A 120229 SHEL ASSY TLCB2 RCLNE- Recline w/Transit
1B 120230 SHEL ASSY TLCB1 NON-RCLN- Non-recline W/ Transit
1C 120231 SHEL ASSY TLC2 RCLN- Recline no Transit
1D 120232 SHEL ASSY TLC1 NO-RCLN- Non-recline no Transit
2 119216S SEAT TRAY TC
3 119215S SEAT BACK TC