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Varilite Evolution Cushion Varilite Evolution Cushion
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  •  Comes with 2" tapered closed cell foam wedge. Great for changing the seat to back angle, making split seats and changing loading patterns.
  •  3.5" height, fully inflated.
  •  Self-inflating. No kneading, pumping or accessory parts.
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Varilite Evolution Wave Varilite Evolution Wave

The Evolution Wave features an adjustable skin protection cushion with a solid positioning base. Available in three styles. Therapists recommend the Evolution for individuals with motor and...

Varilite     VAR71X0
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Contoured Chest Harness Contoured Chest Harness
  •  Contoured for anatomically optimal fit
  •  Machine washable
  •  Low-slip, laminated closed-cell foam
Varilite     VAR87X15
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VARILITE 2-Point Chest Belt - Center Pull VARILITE 2-Point Chest Belt - Center Pull
  •  Easy Overlap Velcro Design
  •  Large Thumb Ring
  •  Contoured Shape
Varilite     VAR88027
Varilite ZOID PSV Performance Cushion Varilite ZOID PSV Performance Cushion
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  •  2.5" height meets most international sporting regulations
  •  1" taper front to back for tighter fit
  •  Absence of medial thigh separator
Varilite     VAR3XXXX
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Varilite Meridian Wave Varilite Meridian Wave

AT VARILITE, innovation means superior solutions like our Wave Series of contoured bases for positioning support. Therapists now can combine Meridian dual-chamber, adjustable Air-Foam Floatation skin...

Varilite     VAR7200XX
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Varilite ProFormNX Wheelchair Cushion Varilite ProFormNX Wheelchair Cushion
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  •  Common alterations to base include cutting down for windswept deformity, leg length discrepancy, split seats, and cut outs for ?hot spots.?
  •  Closed-cell foam base won?t absorb liquid or bacteria, even after being cut.
  •  Dual cushion option is ideal for the treatment of pelvic obliquities.
Varilite     VARPROFORM
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Varilite eBack Tall - Discontinued Varilite eBack Tall - Discontinued
  •  Lightweight
  •  Two Angles of Recline
  •  User-Friendly Design
Varilite     VAR420021XX1
Varilite Meridian Cushion Varilite Meridian Cushion

Therapists recommend the Meridian for individuals with motor and neurological dysfunction due to spinal-cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injury. Therapists...

Varilite     VARMERIDIAN
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Varilite Talon Back Varilite Talon Back
  •  Cushion foam is thicker at the center for PSIS support and tapered at the sides to accommodate soft tissue
  •  Cover is machine-washable
  •  Back of the cover made from durable packcloth with loop fabric for secure attachment to shell
Varilite     VART475XX
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