Wheelchair Hand Rims

Upgrade the look and function of your wheelchair wheels.

Wheelchair handrims are available in various styles, shapes, and coatings. The ergonomic handrim is shaped to relieve hands of fatigue and allow a better grip. Vinyl coated handrims provide a more tactile grip, ideal, for users who have weaker grip. The projection style wheelchair handrim is designed to allow the wheelchair user who has little or no hand function to propel independently.

Super Grip Vinyl Wheelchair Handrim Covers

RibGrips Universal Wheelchair Hand Rim Covers

Natural-Fit Wheelchair Handrims

Q-Grip Wheelchair Handrim

Quickie Plastic Coated Wheelchair Handrim - Screw Style

Quickie Projection Wheelchair Hand Rims - 24" / 8 Projection

Wheel-Ease Wheelchair Rim Cover
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20" - 22" Spoke Cover