Foam Filled Wheelchair Tires

For a wheelchair occupant, bumpy and uneven terrain can be more than just cumbersome; it can be quite uncomfortable as well. With the soft comfort and smooth ride afforded by foam-filled wheelchair tires, a bumpy cobblestone sidewalk or the abrupt and uneven cracks in a sidewalk no longer have to be a jarring experience. Southwest Medical offers a fantastic selection of flat-free wheelchair tires from trusted brands to provide you with the best options available!

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8x2 (200x50) Poly Foam Filled Tire, Ribbed
$29.50 Ea
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8x2 (200x50) Poly Foam Filled, Knobby

10x3 (260x85),Poly Foam Filled Tire, Knobby
$37.50 Ea
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14x3 (3.00-8) Poly Foam Filled, Knobby

Foam Filled Wheelchair Tire (4.10-3.50-6),3 1/2" Bead to Bead ( Wide )

14x3" (3.00-8),Poly Foam-Filled, Groove Tread

14X4 (400-6) Poly Foam Filled Tire, Knobby

4.10/3.50-6 Poly Foam-Filled, Knobby

410/350-6 Poly Foam Filled Tire, Knobby

Tire, 4.10/3.50-6, Light Grey, Foam-Filled Primo Homer

14x3" (3.00-8) Foam-Filled Tire

9x3.50-4 - Tire; Foam Filled,