Sit to Stand Lifts

For assisting patients that have trouble transitioning from a seated position to a standing position on their own, Sit to Stand patient lifts can make a world of difference. Sometimes referred to as "Sara Lifts", "Lift Ups", "Stand Assists", or "Stand Up Lifts", these devices enable better posture while minimizing the risk of injury. Sit to Stand lifts work best with users that still have some muscle strength, but not enough to safely change positions themselves. These devices are specifically designed for home use to help the user maintain their independence.

If you need more information or assistance finding a sit to stand lift, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who can go through your options and make recommendations for your specific situation.

Etac Turner Pro Patient Transfer System
$405 Ea
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Invacare ISA Compact Stand-Up Lift
$3,595 Ea
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Molift Raiser Pro Sit-To-Stand Transfer System
$805.50 Ea
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Molift Quick Raiser 205 Sit To Stand Patient Transfer System
$3,895 Ea
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Molift Quick Raiser 2 Sit To Stand Patient Lift
$4,395 Ea
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Molift RgoSling StandUp Lift Slings