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Tray Mounting Hardware

Name: Custom Seating: Tray Mounting Hardware
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Tray Mounting Hardware parts diagram
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Pos. Part # Description Price Buy
1 34055-RT Therafin Top Drop Hardware- CS-13-1120 N/A Please Call
2 34050-1-RT Lever Style Tray Clamps- CS-13-1110
3 34060-RT Hide-a-way Tray Clamps- CS-13-1160 N/A Please Call
4 34056-RT Spin Lock Tray Clamps- CS-13-1130
5 34065-RT Therafin Tubular Arm Tray Hardware - Small- CS-13-1140 N/A Please Call
5 34066-RT Therafin Tubular Arm Tray Hardware - Large- CS-13-1141 N/A Please Call
6 34085-RT Cam and Tube Tray Hardware- CS-13-1150 N/A Please Call
7 34069-RT Plastic Tray Channel- CS-13-1100 N/A Please Call
8 34090-RT Securing Strap for Tray with Plastic Side Release Buckle- CS-13-1230
9 34095-RT Z Channel Tray Hardware w/ Securing Strap- CS-13-1180 N/A Please Call
34086 - RT 34086-RT Tube Cam Clamp- Must Order Whole Assembly CS-13-1150 N/A Please Call
34087 - RT 34087-RT Receiver ( Tube Cam )- Must Order Whole Assembly CS-13-1151 N/A Please Call
34088 - RT 34088-RT SS Tube- Must Order Whole Assembly CS-13-1152 N/A Please Call