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Name: Custom Seating: Custom Trays
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Custom Trays parts diagram
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Pos. Part # Description Price Buy
1A 34000-RT 1/4" All Custom Lap Tray- CS-13-1990
1B 34010-RT 3/8" All Custom Lap Tray- CS-13-1940 N/A Please Call
1C 34015-RT 1/2" Plywood All Custom Lap Tray- CS-13-1930 N/A Please Call
2 34020-RT Padded Aluminum Tray Border- CS-13-4000 N/A Please Call
3 34030-RT Wood Tray Border- CS-13-4010
4 34280-RT Removable Tray Pad- CS-13-4200 N/A Please Call
5 34250-RT Body Cutout Pad- CS-13-4070 N/A Please Call
6 34080-RT Add Slots to Custom Tray- CS-13-4030
6 34200-RT Armrest Pad for Tray- CS-13-4340 N/A Please Call
6 34202-RT Thin Armrest Pad for Tray- CS-13-4360
6 34204-RT Foam Only Armrest Pad for Tray attach with Velcro- CS-13-4160 N/A Please Call
6 34210-RT Custom Armrest Pads for Tray- CS-13-4180 N/A Please Call
6 34212-RT Small Armrest Pads for Tray- CS-13-4040 N/A Please Call
34070 - RT 34070-RT Padded Tray- CS-13-2020 N/A Please Call
34215 - RT 34215-RT Elbow Blocks w/ Brackets- CS-13-4380 N/A Please Call
34797 - RT 34797-RT Armrest Cuffs Mounted on Tray- CS-13-4150 N/A Please Call