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Headrest Hardware & Modifications

Name: Custom Seating: Headrest Hardware & Modifications
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Headrest Hardware & Modifications parts diagram
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Pos. Part # Description Price Buy
1 22140-RT Offset Vertically Adjustable Headrest Bracket- CP-14-7260
2 22160-RT Knob Kit for Headrest Bracket
3 22450-RT Headrest Adapter Plate
4 22460-RT RehabiliTech Headrest Adapter
5 22130-RT Straight Vertically Adjustable Headrest Bracket- CP-14-7250 N/A Please Call
6A 22240-RT Anterior/Posterior Adjustable Headrest Bracket- CP-14-7210
6B 22300-RT Flat Headrest Pad with Anterior/Posterior Adjustable Bracket- Order CS-14-HEAD-OS and select Flat Headrest Extension - Step 2 select OMIT bracket and complete CS-14-REM-OS and select L Bracket Depth Adjustable N/A Please Call
22510 - RT 22510-RT Add 1/2" Akton Polymer to Headrest- CP-14-8440 N/A Please Call
22520 - RT 22520-RT Add 7/8" Akton Polymer to Headrest- CP-14-8440 N/A Please Call