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Arm Supports

Name: Custom Seating: Arm Supports
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Arm Supports parts diagram
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Pos. Part # Description Price Buy
1 32400-RT Armrests Mounted to Hip Guides- CS-12-1088 N/A Please Call
2 32410-RT Arm Troughs- CS-12-1000 N/A Please Call
3 32420-RT Half Arm Troughs- CS-12-1010 N/A Please Call
4 32430-RT Arm Trough Attaching Hardware- CS-12-1089
5 32440-RT Arm Trough & Hdw Package- CS-12-1020
6 32450-RT Arm Trough & Hardware Package, Custom- CS-12-1040
32395 - RT 32395-RT Custom Arm Trough- CS-12-1087 N/A Please Call
32755 - RT 32755-RT Arm Restraint- CS-12-1094 N/A Please Call
32760 - RT 32760-RT Sheepskin Armrest Covers- CS-12-1095 N/A Please Call
32770 - RT 32770-RT Armrest Strap Custom- CS-12-1096 N/A Please Call
32786 - RT 32786-RT Armrest Cuffs w/o Sheepskin- CS-12-1097 N/A Please Call
32790 - RT 32790-RT Sheepskin Covers for Arm Trough- CS-12-1098 N/A Please Call
32800 - RT 32800-RT Wrist Cuff with Polar Fleece- CS-12-1101 N/A Please Call
32310 - RT 32310-RT Custom Arm Modification- CS-12-1086 N/A Please Call