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Discontinued Flip Attendant Foot Lock

Name: Little Wave Flip: Discontinued Flip Attendant Foot Lock
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Discontinued Flip Attendant Foot Lock parts diagram
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This Flip Attendant Foot Lock is discontinued and was used on serial numbers prior to FLP007536.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1a502853Attendant Foot Lock Wheel Kit, 12" Pneumatic FLIP
1b502854Attendant Foot Lock Wheel Kit, 12" Airless FLIP
1c502855Attendant Foot Lock Wheel Kit, 12" Poly FLIP
1d502856Attendant Foot Lock Wheel Kit, 16" Pneumatic FLIP
1e502857Attendant Foot Lock Wheel Kit, 16" Airless FLIP
1f502858Attendant Foot Lock Wheel Kit, 16" Poly FLIP
2101108Axle Quick Release w/ Button 1/2" x 99MM
3001928Lever, Hub Lock
4001927Rod Guide, Hub Lock- Replaced by Locking Rod Hub Lock kits. Select appropriate kit from current Flip Attenadant Foot Lock page.N/APlease Call
5001929Spring, Hub Lock
6a001930Locking Rod, Hub Lock, 10W- Replaced with kit 505461N/APlease Call
6b001931Locking Rod, Hub Lock, 11W- Replaced with kit 505462N/APlease Call
6c001932Locking Rod, Hub Lock, 12W- Replaced with kit 505463N/APlease Call
6d001933Locking Rod, Hub Lock, 13W- Replaced with kit 505464N/APlease Call
6e001934Locking Rod, Hub Lock, 14W- Replaced with kit 505465N/APlease Call
6f001935Locking Rod, Hub Lock, 15W- Replaced with kit 505466N/APlease Call
6g001936Locking Rod, Hub Lock, 16W- Replaced with kit 505467N/APlease Call
6h001937Locking Rod, Hub Lock, 17W- Replaced with kit 505468N/APlease Call
6i001938Locking Rod, Hub Lock, 18W- Replaced with kit 505469N/APlease Call
7a001939Link Rod, Hub Lock, 10W
7b001940Link Rod, Hub Lock, 11W
7c001941Link Rod, Hub Lock, 12W
7d001942Link Rod, Hub Lock, 13W
7e001943Link Rod, Hub Lock, 14W
7f001944Link Rod, Hub Lock, 15W
7g001945Link Rod, Hub Lock, 16W
7h001946Link Rod, Hub Lock, 17W
7i001947Link Rod, Hub Lock, 18W
8a001840Axle Tube, 10W
8b001841Axle Tube, 11W
8c001842Axle Tube, 12W
8d001843Axle Tube, 13W
8e001844Axle Tube, 14W
8f001845Axle Tube, 15W
8g001846Axle Tube, 16W
8h001847Axle Tube, 17W
8i001848Axle Tube, 18W
9a001838Axle Bar, Std
9b001839Axle Bar, Self Propel
10100756Axle Receiver 1/2"
11100514Axle Receiver Nut M18 x D12 x 10mm
12100583Axle Plate Washer 18mm
13102811E-Ring, 3/8"
14100670M6 x 45 BTN SHCS BLK ZC
15100669M5 x 10 BTN SHCS BLKZC w/Patch
16100658M6 Nylock Nut Blk Zn
17100746M6 Flat Washer Blk Zn
18a002719Frame Growth Strut 6.5"- Used on 10" wide chairs
18b002629Frame Growth Strut 7.5"- Used on 11" wide chairs
18c002630Frame Growth Strut 8.5"- Used on 12" wide chairs
18d002631Frame Growth Strut 9.5"- Used on 10" and 13" wide chairs
18e002632Frame Growth Strut 10.5"- Used on 11" and 14" wide chairs
18f002633Frame Growth Strut 11.5"- Used on 12" and 15" wide chairs
18g002634Frame Growth Strut 12.5"- Used on 13" and 16" wide chairs
18h002635Frame Growth Strut 13.5"- Used on 14" and 17" wide chairs
18i002636Frame Growth Strut 14.5"- Used on 15" and 18" wide chairs
18j002637Frame Growth Strut 15.5"- Used on 16" wide chairs
18k002638Frame Growth Strut 16.5"- Used on 17" wide chairs
18l002639Frame Growth Strut 17.5"- Used on 18" wide chairs
19a001879Strut Tube, Seat, 10W
19b001880Strut Tube, Seat, 11W
19c001881Strut Tube, Seat, 12W
19d001882Strut Tube, Seat, 13W
19e001883Strut Tube, Seat, 14W
19f001884Strut Tube, Seat, 15W
19g001885Strut Tube, Seat, 16W
19h001886Strut Tube, Seat, 17W
19i001887Strut Tube, Seat 18W
3 - 5, 6a, 7a, 13 - 17502844Attendant Foot Lock Kit, 10W FLIP- Replaced with kit 505470N/APlease Call
3 - 5, 6b, 7b, 13 - 17502845Attendant Foot Lock Kit, 11W FLIP- Replaced with kit 505471N/APlease Call
3 - 5, 6c, 7c, 13 - 17502846Attendant Foot Lock Kit, 12W FLIP- Replaced with kit 505472N/APlease Call
3 - 5, 6d, 7d, 13 - 17502847Attendant Foot Lock Kit, 13W FLIP- Replaced with kit 505473N/APlease Call
3 - 5, 6e, 7e, 13 - 17502848Attendant Foot Lock Kit, 14W FLIP- Replaced with kit 505474N/APlease Call
3 - 5, 6f, 7f, 13 - 17502849Attendant Foot Lock Kit, 15W FLIP- Replaced with kit 505475N/APlease Call
3 - 5, 6g, 7g, 13 - 17502850Attendant Foot Lock Kit, 16W FLIP- Replaced with kit 505476N/APlease Call
3 - 5, 6h, 7h, 13 - 17502851Attendant Foot Lock Kit, 17W FLIP- Replaced with kit 505477N/APlease Call
3 - 5, 6i, 7i, 13 - 17502852Attendant Foot Lock Kit, 18W FLIP- Replaced with kit 505478N/APlease Call
6a, 7a, 8a, 13, 18a, 18d, 19a502877Strut Kit 10" Wide Flip w/ Attendant Foot Lock- Replaced with kit 505479N/APlease Call
6b, 7b, 8b, 13, 18b, 18e, 19b502878Strut Kit 11" Wide Flip w/ Attendant Foot Lock- Replaced with kit 505480N/APlease Call
6c, 7c, 8c, 13, 18c, 18f, 19c502879Strut Kit 12" Wide Flip w/ Attendant Foot Lock- Replaced with kit 505481N/APlease Call
6d, 7d, 8d, 13, 18d, 18g, 19d502880Strut Kit 13" Wide Flip w/ Attendant Foot Lock- Replaced with kit 505482N/APlease Call
6e, 7e, 8e, 13, 18e, 18h, 19e502881Strut Kit 14" Wide Flip w/ Attendant Foot Lock- Replaced with kit 505483N/APlease Call
6f, 7f, 8f, 13, 18f, 18i, 19f502882Strut Kit 15" Wide Flip w/ Attendant Foot Lock- Replaced with kit 505484N/APlease Call
6g, 7g, 8g, 13, 18g, 18j, 19g502883Strut Kit 16" Wide Flip w/ Attendant Foot Lock- Replaced with kit 505485N/APlease Call
6h, 7h, 8h, 13, 18h, 18k, 19h502884Strut Kit 17" Wide Flip w/ Attendant Foot Lock- Replaced with kit 505486N/APlease Call
6i, 7i, 8i, 13, 18i, 18l, 19i502885Strut Kit 18" Wide Flip w/ Attendant Foot Lock- Replaced with kit 505487N/APlease Call