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Competitor Semi-electric Bed

Name: Competitor Semi-Electric Bed: Parts For Competitor™ Semi-electric Bed
Manufacturer: Drive Medical
Parts For Competitor™ Semi-electric Bed parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
115560-01Head or Foot Board
215560-02NHead Section
315560-03Foot Section
415560-25Half Rails
415560-04Full Length Side Rails Complete
515560-05Plastic Bed End Panel
615560-06Leg with Tip Set Of 4 (PKG)
715560-07Tip for Leg Set of 4 (PKG)
715044CSETCaster Set 2 locking, 2 non locking
815560-08Magnetic Leg Stud Cover (PR)
915560-09Side Rail Receiver Left, Right (PR)
1015560-10Foot Actuator Bar
1115560-11Head Actuator Bar
1215560-12Frame Fastener Clip & Strap
1315560-13Z Bar for Foot Frame
1415560-14Frame Connector Release Knob
1515560-15Mattress Stop
1615560-16Full Length side Rail Release Knob (PR)
1715560-17Full Length Side Rail Receiver Locking Nut (PKG)
1815560-18Leg Height Adjustment Lever
1915560-19Rubber Frame Stopper (PKG)
2015560-20Square End Cap
2115030HC-G-CHand Control Clip Only
2115030HC-GHand Pendant Glow In The Dark
2315030-7RMMFor Serial No. 7R, 9R use
2415560-24Fabric Cover Set Head & Foot Board
2415030MCMotor Cap