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Quickie Shark
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The Bike with Bite. Meet the Quickie Shark, the new handbike from Sunrise Medical. Featuring an innovative frame design, the Shark optimizes riding performance while reducing weight and providing increased adjustability. Advanced features, such as the vertical crank-adjustment, X-link frame separation-mechanism, and ergonomic seat-design, transport the hand-cyclist to a new level of speed and performance.

Product Features

  • Standard 27 Speed
  • Ergonomic Seat and Back
  • Adjustable Arm-Crank
  • Coaster Style Brake
By: Quickie / Sunrise Medical
Item Number: EISP5
Unit of Measure: Ea
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Retail Price: $4,745.00
Your Price: $3,500.00 Ea
Ergonomic Seat and Back Whether you're an amputee who wants to get your weight up and over the hand cranks or a low-level quad who needs plenty of trunk support, the Shark S can meet your needs. The Shark S features a low profile block-style backrest for riders who involve their entire torso in the propulsion process (shown in picture). For hand-cyclists who need greater trunk stability, an ergonomically designed multi-adjustable contour back is available that adjusts to any angle between 30 and 90
Adjustable Arm-Crank The extremely lightweight state-of-the-art Three-way adjustable arm-crank is a technical masterpiece. It can be individually suited to the rider's specific seat-angle position, arm length, and riding technique. If desired, customized cranks can even be made to fit a specified measurement.
X-Link Detachment Mechanism The X-Link detachment mechanism, available on the two-piece frame model, is a new concept in detachable frames. This mechanism raises and supports the seat-frame section of the bike when detaching the steering fork from the bike. Once the steering fork is loaded into a vehicle, the elevated seat becomes a perfect transfer platform.
Stiff Frame-Connection The one-piece frame profile is designed to meet the stringent standards required at both amateur and professional competitions. Using a "Y" shaped connecting-weld between the fork and frame, along with a special internal reinforcement structure, the Shark is able to deliver superior efficiency and better overall propulsion.
Product Weight: 33 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 265 lbs. (120 kg.)
Frame length 40.2 in
Frame height 8.6 in
X-link Optional frame detachment mechanism
Seat width 14.8 in, 16.4 in, 17.9 in
Back Position Adjustable
Back Standard foldable
Legrest length Short, long
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