Quickie IRIS Tilt Wheelchair

Quickie IRIS Tilt Wheelchair
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Quickie has developed a dramatic new approach to tilting in space. It's called the Quickie IRIS (Intelligent Rotation In Space).

Unlike systems that incorporate a fixed pivot-point, dual pivot-point, or linear element, the Quickie IRIS' rotational design is based on the idea of rotating the seat-frame around a user's center-of-gravity. This, combined with up to 60 of posterior rotation and hi-resolution adjustment, provides the ultimate in control, maneuverability, and stability.

Wheelchair does not come with custom backrest or cushion, as shown in picture. The backrest, head support and cushion are sold separately.

Product Features

  • Rotational tilt-system
  • Tilt options -5° to 50°, 0° to 55°, and 5° to 60°
  • Built-In Adjustability
  • Low seat-to-floor heights
By: Quickie / Sunrise Medical
Item Number: EIZ4-2
Unit of Measure: Ea
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Retail Price: $2,945.00
Your Price: $2,210.00 Ea
The Quickie IRIS utilizes a rotational tilt-system. Instead of tilting the seat frame from an outside pivot-point the Quickie IRIS actually rotates the seat frame around the users center-of-gravity. This rotational system provides the shortest possible wheelbase without compromising stability. It also insures a smooth and controlled rotation.
The 60 Tilt Advantage The Quickie IRIS features three tilt ranges: -5 to 50 , 0 to 55 , and 5 to 60 . As the seat frame rotates past 45 , a significant amount of pressure transfers from the seat to the back. By providing up to 60 of tilt, the Quickie IRIS insures that the majority of pressure is removed from the ischial tuberosities.
Built-In Adjustability The Quickie IRIS has extensive built-in adjustability. The chair frame can literally expand from 14" -22" in width and 15" - 22" in depth changing only four small parts. This vast range of built-in adjustability provides a precise center-of-gravity adjustment without replacing large frame-assemblies.
Low Seat-To-Floor Height The new Zippie Iris features a 13 in. front seat-to-floor height. Using a drop seat, this distance can be lowered to as low as 11 in. seat-to-floor height.
Overall Weight: Approx. 35 lbs. w/o footrests
Seat Widths: 14 in. - 22 in. seat width
Seat Length/Depths: 15 in. - 22 in. seat depth
Seat Heights: 14.50 in. - 19.25 in. seat-to-floor height
Overall Width: 22 in. - 33 in.
Caster Options: 5 X 1.5 in., 6 in., 6 X 1.5 in., 8 in., 8 X 1.5 in., 8 X 2 in.
Rear Wheel Options: 12 in., 16 in., 20 in., 22 in., 24 in.
Weight Capacity: 250lbs (350 w/ Heavy Duty Frame Option)
Seating: Cushion Required
Backrest: Backrest Required
Headrest: Headrest Required
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Pre-Set Tilt Angle  

Tilt Angle  

Tilt Angle  

Frame Type  

Frame Options  

Tilt Release  

Side (Facing From Rear)  

Frame Struts  

Frame Width  

Frame Depth Range  

Frame Depth  

Seat Type  

Back Post Style  

Back Height  

Stroller Handle Options  

Stroller Handle Length  

Stroller Handle Height  

Back Height  

Stroller Handle Options  
Dynamic Backrest  

Arm Pad Style  

Arm Pad Style  

Arm Pad Style  

Arm Pad Style  


Arm Pad Length  

Arm Pad Length  

Armrest Receiver (Single Post Only)  

Footrest Type  

Hanger Style  



Hanger Style  

Extension Tube  

Footplate Style  


Extension Height  



Hanger Mount  

Footrest Options  

Caster Type  

Rear Wheel  

Rear Tire  

Airless Insert  



Axel Plate  

Hand Mount  


Wheel Locks  

Wheel Lock Options  
Anti Tip Levers (Recommended)  
Positioning Belts  

Spoke Guards  

Vent Tray - Back Cane Mount  




Frame Color  


Cushions and Backs
Jay J2 Cushion
Parts Available
Jay J2 Cushion
FREE Shipping!
  •  Optimal pelvic positioning
  •  Lightweight and low maintenance
  •  Up to 3" of Jay Flow fluid
View Options
Jay J2 Deep Contour Cushion
Parts Available
Jay J2 Deep Contour Cushion
FREE Shipping!
  •  3D Jay Flow Fluid Tri-Pad
  •  Three inches of Jay Flow fluid
  •  Pelvic stability and lower extremity positioning
View Options
Jay J2 Deep Contour Back Jay J2 Deep Contour Back
  •  Provides posterior lateral pelvic stabilization
  •  Lightweight
  •  angle adjustable
View Options
Jay J2 Back
Parts Available
Jay J2 Back
  •  Provides posterior lateral pelvic stabilization
  •  Lightweight
  •  Angle adjustable
View Options

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