Quickie S-646 SE Rear Wheel Power Wheelchair

Quickie S-646 SE Rear Wheel Power Wheelchair
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The Quickie S-646 is the latest and most advanced chair in the Quickie power line-up. It features specialty systems such as the Quickie SmartSeat, PosiDrive Technology, Rock Shox suspension and Qtronix electronics. The S646 SE has undergone the most extensive set of quality tests in Quickie's history. It is a premier example of engineering excellence.

Optional power seat options like tilt, recline, or power elevating legs can be added to further customize your S-646 SE power chair.

Fox Shox transverse suspension with pre-load and dampening adjustments provides comfort and positioning stability.

The Quickie S-646 SE are shipped complete on a pallet with the backrest upright and assembled. Only the armrests, joystick, headrest and footrests require attachment.

Quickie Trax seating allows convenient and continuous dovetail-track adjustment of the seat depth from 14"-18" or 19"-22".

Front suspension-casters provide reduced jarring and increased maneuverability over uneven terrain.

The Quickie S-646 SE features an easy-access controller and battery compartment. Both batteries and controller are accessible when the user is seated in the chair.

Product Features

  • Shipped complete on a pallet
  • Fox Shox transverse suspension
  • Easy-access controller and battery compartment
By: Quickie / Sunrise Medical
Item Number: EIS62
Unit of Measure: Ea
FREE Shipping
Retail Price: $7,750.00
Your Price: $6,499.00 Ea
R-net Electronics
R-net expandable controls provide simple programming options and outstanding reliability. They feature color screens on the expandable upgraded joystick and also on the OMNI display with real time consumer clock. R-net electronics also offer some unique programming profiles that provide the option to mix proportional and non-proportional controls on one chair.
8.5 mph Max Speed
The standard Quickie S-646 SE has a max speed of 8.5 mph. The standard Quickie S-646 has a max speed of 7.0 mph.
PosiDrive Technology
PosiDrive technology features tapered axles, conical hubs and lug nuts. This technology increases the strength of the axle bond by a factor of ten.
Optional LED Lighting Package
For night time driving and increased overall safety, the Quickie S-646 SE features an optional LED package that includes headlights, taillights and blinkers.
Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: K0014
Product Weight: Approx. 128 lbs. w/o batteries
Product Width: 14 in. - 24 in. seat width
Product Length/Depth: 14 in. - 22 in. seat depth
Product Height: 18 in. - 21 in. seat to floor (non-tilt)18.5 in./20.5 in. (tilt)
Electronic Options: QTRONIX remote joystick QTRONIX USCM (specialty controls)
Performance Packages (Speed in mph) The S-646: 7.0 mph/ 0-250 lb. weight capacity, 6.0 mph/ 251-400 lb. weight capacity
The S-646 SE: 8.5 mph/ 0-250lb. weight capacity, 7.0 mph/ 251-400 lb. weight capacity
Tilt Option: Power Tilt, Power Tilt and Recline
Battery Type: Group 24, 22 NF
Overall Width: 25.75 in. (14 in. - 20 in. seat widths), 27.75 in. (22 in., 24 in. seat widths)
Drive Wheel Size: 14 in. X 3 in.
Drive Tire: Knobby, V-Groove
Caster Options: 8 in., 8 in. (suspension), 9 in.
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Transit Package  
Suspension Weight Capacity  

Light Package (Requires Rnet)  
Frame Color  


Seat Width  

Seat Depth  

Seat Rail Type  

Seat Height  

Seat Frame Angle  

Parapak Back Height  





Footrest Hanger  

Extension Tube  

Foot Plate  

Footrest Accessories  

Drive Control  


Joystick Mount  

Hand Mount  

Joystick Handle  

Drive Wheel  

Wheel Lock  
Rear Caster Wheel  

Front Caster Wheel  

Caster Fork  


Mounting Location  


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