Quickie 2 Ultralight Wheelchair

Quickie 2 Ultralight Wheelchair
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Quickie's flagship manual chair, the Quickie 2, has more features and options than any other folding chair in today's market. Including features such as a transit option for users up to 350 lbs, a uni-lateral wheel lock and an adjustable upholstered back with laterals that mount to the back posts. Its versatility and well-established track record make the Quickie 2 the premier choice in a manual folding chair.

Standard with every Quickie 2 chair order, the original owner is entitled to one free growth kit within the first 5 years of chair ownership. Growing a chair is as easy as a simple call to customer service. The Angle Adjustable Backrest provides multiple back angles and adapts to the user's PSIS (Posterior Superior Iliac Spine) height. The newly redesigned Single Post Height Adjustable Armrest features an easy-to-use release handle, height-adjustment trigger, and contoured desk or full arm pads. These new armrests are also interchangeable from right to left.

The new flip back armrest features an ultra lightweight design and dual handled release lever that works with angle adjustable backrest. It is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing! 25 caster wheel options and over 25 rear wheel, tire and handrim combinations, the Quickie 2 can meet your individual needs. The new LITE spoke wheel highlights a versatile, reliable streamlined hub design that is our lightest standard wheel to date. It significantly lightens the overall load, and users tell us it is very eye-catching!

Product Features

  • More features and options than any other chair on the market today.
  • Black anodized chair parts standard.
  • Multiple wheel and caster combinations.
  • Caster housing adjustments allow for true fork alignment when changing seat angles.
  • Armrest options allow the ability to customize for optimal user support, positioning and transfer needs.
  • Foot plate and hanger options are interchangeable for growth and changing needs.
  • New swing in and out footrests
By: Quickie / Sunrise Medical
Item Number: EIQ2N
Unit of Measure: Ea
FREE Shipping
Special: FREE Quickie Adult Back Pack. Good through April 1st.
Retail Price: $2,050.00
Your Price: $1,230.00 Ea

New Intuitive Hanger Design

The Quickie 2's swing-in/swing-out hanger design features an intuitive bi-directional release lever that follows your hand's movement and a tapered locking mechanism that prevents loosening over time.

Innovative Lightweight Technologies

With an overall weight of 29 pounds, the Quickie 2 is 15% lighter than before! A majority of the weight was removed through the cross brace and hangers. Our R&D team found a way using internal ribs within the cross brace to take weight out without compromising strength and durability. The chair also come standard with a Lite spoke wheel. Because, the lighter the wheel, the easier the propulsion.


The Quickie 2 offers a highly-adjustable modular chair offering multiple front frames and seat rails in combination with an independent cross brace and rear frame. This is important when considering any potential changes in a user's condition, function, growth and/or environment. When expanding or lengthening the chair, only selected components need to be replaced, not the entire chair.

Q-Fit Technology

Used inside many of the connecting components, Q-Fit technology ensures a tight fit right out of the box. The padded swing-away armrests and the plastic side guards both feature living spring receivers that are virtually wiggle-free. The footrest extension features anti-rotation receivers and a pressure-lock clamp that can withstand up to a 1000 lb load, about the same weight as an average male polar bear.
Frame Style: Folding
Frame Construction: Aluminum
Seat Widths (inches): 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19, and 20 (HD-21,22)
Seat Depths (inches): 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,and 20
Back Heights (inches): 8.5 - 12, 12-15.5, 15.5-19
Footrest Options: 70,70V,80,90,Elevating,Articulating (All detachable)
Rear Wheel Options: 22,24,26in Spoke, 20,22,24in Mag
Camber Adjustable: Yes
Adjustable Axle Plate: Yes
Caster Sizes: 3,4,5,6, and 8in
Weight Capacity: 250lb (350 optional HD Frame)
Warranty: Lifetime Frame
Overall Weight: 27lbs
Overall Rating:
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Very Poor

Review by, COLEEN from UT
11/4/2015 4:37:10 PM
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Heavy Duty Frame  
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Seat Depth  

Frame Length  

Front Seat Height  

Caster Wheels  

Caster Fork  

Weight Range  

Caster Options  
Footrest Mount  

Footrest Hanger Type  

Footrest Extension Tube  

Lower Leg Length Setting (Recommend 2in less than FSTFH)  

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Footrest Options  

Rear Seat Height  

Axle Plate  

Hand Mount  


Rear Wheel Type  

Rear Wheel Tire Type  

Airless Insert  





Height Setting  

Height Setting  

Height Setting  

Push Handles  

Pivot Height  

Pre Set Angle  

Back Height  

Height Setting  

Height Setting  

Height Setting  

Push Handles  

Pivot Height  

Pre Set Angle  

Back Height  

Height Setting  

Height Setting  

Height Setting  

Push Handles  


Push Handles  


Stabilizer Bar  
Back Upholstery  

Backrest Option  
Stroller Handles  

Military Service Patches  



Arm Pad Length  

Arm Pad Length  

Arm Pad Style  

Arm Pad Length  


Wheel Lock  

Wheel Lock Options  

Side Guards  

Transit Option  
Back Packs  

Positioning Belts  

Spoke Guards  



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