Invacare / Matrx Wheelchair Backs

Invacare Matrx wheelchair backrests provide greater postural support as well as greater comfort. Available in a variety of sizes and contours. Select from multiple mounting options.

MaTRx Elite Wheelchair Positioning Back

MaTRx Elite Deep Contour Wheelchair Back

MaTRx PB Standard Wheelchair Positioning Back
$437.50 Ea
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MaTRx PB Deep Wheelchair Positioning Back

MaTRx Contour Back

MaTRx High Back

MaTrx Ez Set Wheelchair Back Mounting Hardware

Matrx Heavy Duty EZ Set Wheelchair Back Mounting Hardware
$240 Kit
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Invacare Versair Back

Invacare Matrx Personal Back10

Invacare Matrx Personal Back10 Plus

Invacare Propel Back