ActiveAid 600 Shower Commode Chair w/ 20" Rear Wheels

ActiveAid 600 Shower Commode Chair w/ 20
Manufacturer: ActiveAid
Part Number: P1367x-5
Retail Price: $3,049.00
Price: $2,530 Ea

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The ActiveAid 600, Rehab Shower/Commode Chair, has features that address the needs of the rehabilitating, long-term care, home care clients, and care givers. Frame widths are available from 18-22".

There are many seat options, including several 4-way adjustable seats for seat opening access in any direction. This chair is designed to make those daily activities just a little bit easier...

P63860 - 20" Wheels
P13649 - Bolted Axles with Wheel Mounts and Anti-Tipping Levers
P13975 - Wheel Locks
P60841-2 - 5" Front Casters
P60701 - 18"W x 18"D 1" Ensolite Front/Rear Open Seat (4.5" x 7.75" Opening)
P13278/P13277 - Armrests with Pad
PR13581/PL13581 - Gooseneck Leg Rests with Standard Footplates

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