Quickie QXi Ultra Light Wheelchair

Quickie QXi Ultra Light Wheelchair
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The Quickie QXi ultralight folder is the newest addition to the quickie ultralight folding wheelchair line. Qxi has many of the industries best features all wrapped up into one affordable performance package.

The axle assembly, armrests, footrests, caster housing, and anti-tip tubes all utilize new innovative technologies that significantly reduce adjustment and setup time. It's easy to order and is built on Quickie's longstanding tradition of quality and durability.

The Quickie QXi is outfitted with a new style of Quickie footrest hanger specifically designed to reduce hanger "play" - whether this is out of the box or after months of use. The new design also features an ergonomically optimized release lever that follows the natural motion used when releasing the hanger in either direction. A perfect choice for users with limited hand dexterity.

By offering both caster fork and caster stem selection options on the order form, dealers can help users optimize seat-to-floor height, maneuverability, and environmental access. For example, the QXi can be ordered with a 13" seat-to-floor height via a 3" fork, standard stem, and 5" caster wheel - a combination that allows users to travel over rough terrain without sacrificing access to tables and desks.

Product Features

  • New Ultralight Design
  • Rapid Easy Adjustments
  • Durable Performer
  • All Quickie's Best Designs
  • Swing In/Out Footrests
By: Quickie / Sunrise Medical
Item Number: EIF6
Unit of Measure: Ea
FREE Shipping
Special: Newest addition to the Ultralight Quickie Wheelchair Line!
Retail Price: $1,845.00
Your Price: $979.00 Ea
Rapid Adjust Axle Plate
Time savings is a key consideration in the QXi design. The rapid-adjust axle plate system was created to allow technicians to quickly adjust center-of-gravity, seat-to-floor height, camber and wheel spacing. Each adjustment can be made in less than a minute. This helps make chair delivery and setup a fast hassle-free process for everyone involved.
Single Tool Adjustments
The majority of the frame setup adjustments can be made using one 10mm hex head wrench. The bolts are located on the inside of the frame to minimize visibility. They bolt directly into internal inserts, eliminating the need to secure a nut on the opposite side while tightening the bolt. The end result is a clean look and an easy adjustment.
Designed for Durability
Quickie engineers designed the QXi to beat industry key ANSI/RESNA durability tests by 3 to 4 times. In short, it's one tough chair!
Overall Weight: 28.8 lbs. (16 x 16 with padded swing-away armrests and 70° footrests)
Seat Widths: 14" - 20"
Seat Depths: 14" - 20"
Weight Capacity: 265lbs
Overall Width: 26" (for 18" wide seat with 0° of camber)
Caster Options: 4" x 1", 4" x 1.25", 5" x 1", 5" x 1.5", 6" x 1", 6" x 1.5", 8" x 1", 8" x 1", 8" x 1.5"
Rear Wheel Options: 20", 22", 24", 25", 26"
Warranty: Lifetime Frame
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Frame Style  

Transit Option  
Frame Width  

Seat Depth  

Front Seat Height  

Caster Wheels  

Caster Fork  

Caster Stem Bolt  

Front Hangers  

Footrest Extension Tubes  


Hanger & Footplate Options  

Rear Seat Height  

Rear Wheel  

Rear Wheel Tire  

Airless Insert  

Handrim Style  

Wheel Lock  

Wheel Lock Option  
Wheel Axle Style  



Arm Pad Length  

Arm Pad Length  

Arm Pad Length  

Arm Pad Style  

Armrest Options  
Backrest Options  

Backrest Height  

Push Handles  

Back Upholstery  

Military Service Patches  

Anti Tip Levers  
Side Guards  


Positioning Belt  

Spoke Guards  

Frame Color  


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