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Q2/q2hp Xtender Retro Kit

Name: Xtender Power Assist: Q2/q2hp Xtender Retro Kit
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Q2/q2hp Xtender Retro Kit parts diagram
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Note: When adding a Yamaha Xtender to Q2 or Q2HP please contact Customer Servise to ensure configuration compatibility.Note: When adding the Yamaha Xtender to an existing Quickie 2 chair, the rear side frames can not be curved, they must be straight as shown below.Note: The Yamaha Xtender is not transit approved and can not be added to a chair that is transit approved.Note:Q2 Axle Plate is not included, please order appropriate axle plate when necessary.
Pos. Part # Description Price Buy
1 125772 24 XTNDR KIT 4X PNEU SS NI- Stainless Steel Handrim, Nickel Batt 4X
1 125773 24 XTNDR KIT 4X PNEU PLST NI- Plastic Coated Handrim, Nickel Batt 4X
1 125774 24 XTNDR KIT 4X PNEU SS LI- Stainless Steel Handrim, Lithium Batt 4X
1 125775 24 XTNDR KIT 4X PNEU PLST LI- Plastic Coated Handrim, Lithium Batt 4X