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S525 Motor Assembly

Name: Quickie S525: S525 Motor Assembly
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
S525 Motor Assembly parts diagram
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NOTE: Fits chairs after serial # S52-19752.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
12021165/16-18 NYLOCK NUT THIN BLK
22631005/16 AN WASHER FLAT
32222355/16-18 x 1 3/4 HEX C/S BLK
4921818COG RELEASE RPLCMT KIT S525N/APlease Call
5499936S525 DR 4.5 250LB HUB 12X2.75RN/APlease Call
5499937S525 DR 4.5 250LB HUB 12X2.75LN/APlease Call
5499938S525 DR 6.5 250LB HUB 12X2.75RN/APlease Call
5499939S525 DR 6.5 250LB HUB 12X2.75LN/APlease Call
5499940S525 DR 4.5 350LB HUB 12X2.75RN/APlease Call
5499941S525 DR 4.5 350LB HUB 12X2.75LN/APlease Call
6, 7139197BRUSH/CAP SET ASI (2 POLE)- Includes 3 Brushes and 2 caps
9362249HUB 5/16 INTRFACE ID C TS