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General Purpose Back

Name: Quickie Rhythm With Delphi (Chairs w/ S/N Prefix Rtm): General Purpose Back
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
General Purpose Back parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
2012843-001BACK CSHN CRVD BACK 12W X 15TN/APlease Call
2012843-002BACK CSHN CRVD BACK 14W X 15TN/APlease Call
2012843-003BACK CSHN CRVD BACK 16W X 17TN/APlease Call
2012843-004BACK CSHN CRVD BACK 18W X 17TN/APlease Call
2012843-005BACK CSHN CRVD BACK 20W X 17TN/APlease Call
2012843-006BACK CSHN CRVD BACK 22W X 17TN/APlease Call
2012843-007BACK CSHN CRVD BACK 24W X 17TN/APlease Call
3102265-003FHCS M6X1X25 FULL NP
5230113BHCS M6 X 1 X 12
6226014FHCS 10-32 X 3/4
1 - 4012845-001CRVD BACK & CSHN 12W X 15TN/APlease Call
1 - 4012845-002CRVD BACK & CSHN 14W X 15TN/APlease Call
1 - 4012845-003CRVD BACK & CSHN 16W X 17T
1 - 4012845-004CRVD BACK & CSHN 18W X 17T
1 - 4012845-005CRVD BACK & CSHN 20W X 17TN/APlease Call
1 - 4012845-006CRVD BACK & CSHN 22W X 17TN/APlease Call
1 - 4012845-007CRVD BACK & CSHN 24W X 17T