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Joystick Arm Swing Away Round Tube

Name: Quickie Qm-7 SEries: Joystick Arm Swing Away Round Tube
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Joystick Arm Swing Away Round Tube parts diagram
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Note: Joystick arms shown fit Vr2 & Rnet Joysticks.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1A, 2, 3120595JOYSTK ARM S/A R STD- Right-Dual Post & Single Post Armrest
1A, 2, 3120596JOYSTK ARM S/A L STD- Left-Dual Post & Single Post Armrest
1B, 2, 3120597JOYSTK ARM S/A R INV- Right-used with Cantilever Armrest
1B, 2, 3120598JOYSTK ARM S/A L INV- Left-used with Cantilever Armrest
1C, 2, 3120599JOYSTK ARM S/A R SHT- Right-used with Captains Seat
1C, 2, 3120600JOYSTK ARM S/A L SHT- Left-used with Captains Seat
2261524#10 WASHER LOCK SS
3226024-QU10-32 x 7/8 BH C/S BLK