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Name: Quickie GTi: Frame
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Frame parts diagram
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NOTE: Effective on GTi chairs after S/N T4-505800 & T4A-505900.NOTE: When ordering replacement frames you must provide the frame color, frame style, frame angle, frame inset, FS dim, front squeeze, the serial number and if the chair was equipped with Depth Adjustable Back.NOTE: See Back Frame pages for Depth Adjustable Back or Padded Swing-Away Armrest inserts.NOTE: New style Backrest Brackets and Frame (after S/N T4-505800 & T4A-505900) are not compatable with the old style Backrest Brackets and Frame .
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1111982SFRAME RIGID TI 12W x 12DN/APlease Call
1111983SFRAME RIGID TI 12W x 13DN/APlease Call
1111984SFRAME RIGID TI 12W x 14DN/APlease Call
1111985SFRAME RIGID TI 12W x 15DN/APlease Call
1111986SFRAME RIGID TI 12W x 16DN/APlease Call
1111987SFRAME RIGID TI 12W x 17DN/APlease Call
1111988SFRAME RIGID TI 12W x 18DN/APlease Call
1111989SFRAME RIGID TI 12W x 19DN/APlease Call
1111990SFRAME RIGID TI 13W x 12DN/APlease Call
1111991SFRAME RIGID TI 13W x 13DN/APlease Call
1111992SFRAME RIGID TI 13W x 14DN/APlease Call
1111993SFRAME RIGID TI 13W x 15DN/APlease Call
1111994SFRAME RIGID TI 13W x 16DN/APlease Call
1111995SFRAME RIGID TI 13W x 17DN/APlease Call
1111996SFRAME RIGID TI 13W x 18DN/APlease Call
1111997SFRAME RIGID TI 13W x 19DN/APlease Call
1111998SFRAME RIGID TI 14W x 12DN/APlease Call
1111999SFRAME RIGID TI 14W x 13DN/APlease Call
1112000SFRAME RIGID TI 14W x 14D
1112001SFRAME RIGID TI 14W x 15DN/APlease Call
1112002SFRAME RIGID TI 14W x 16DN/APlease Call
1112003SFRAME RIGID TI 14W x 17DN/APlease Call
1112004SFRAME RIGID TI 14W x 18DN/APlease Call
1112005SFRAME RIGID TI 14W x 19DN/APlease Call
1112006SFRAME RIGID TI 14W x 20DN/APlease Call
1112007SFRAME RIGID TI 15W x 12DN/APlease Call
1112008SFRAME RIGID TI 15W x 13DN/APlease Call
1112009SFRAME RIGID TI 15W x 14DN/APlease Call
1112010SFRAME RIGID TI 15W x 15DN/APlease Call
1112011SFRAME RIGID TI 15W x 16DN/APlease Call
1112012SFRAME RIGID TI 15W x 17DN/APlease Call
1112013SFRAME RIGID TI 15W x 18DN/APlease Call
1112014SFRAME RIGID TI 15W x 19DN/APlease Call
1112015SFRAME RIGID TI 15W x 20DN/APlease Call
1112016SFRAME RIGID TI 16W x 12DN/APlease Call
1112017SFRAME RIGID TI 16W x 13DN/APlease Call
1112018SFRAME RIGID TI 16W x 14DN/APlease Call
1112019SFRAME RIGID TI 16W x 15DN/APlease Call
1112020SFRAME RIGID TI 16W x 16DN/APlease Call
1112021SFRAME RIGID TI 16W x 17DN/APlease Call
1112022SFRAME RIGID TI 16W x 18DN/APlease Call
1112023SFRAME RIGID TI 16W x 19DN/APlease Call
1112024SFRAME RIGID TI 16W x 20DN/APlease Call
1112025SFRAME RIGID TI 17W x 12DN/APlease Call
1112026SFRAME RIGID TI 17W x 13DN/APlease Call
1112027SFRAME RIGID TI 17W x 14DN/APlease Call
1112028SFRAME RIGID TI 17W x 15DN/APlease Call
1112029SFRAME RIGID TI 17W x 16DN/APlease Call
1112030SFRAME RIGID TI 17W x 17DN/APlease Call
1112031SFRAME RIGID TI 17W x 18DN/APlease Call
1112032SFRAME RIGID TI 17W x 19DN/APlease Call
1112033SFRAME RIGID TI 17W x 20DN/APlease Call
1112034SFRAME RIGID TI 18W x 12DN/APlease Call
1112035SFRAME RIGID TI 18W x 13DN/APlease Call
1112036SFRAME RIGID TI 18W x 14DN/APlease Call
1112037SFRAME RIGID TI 18W x 15DN/APlease Call
1112038SFRAME RIGID TI 18W x 16DN/APlease Call
1112039SFRAME RIGID TI 18W x 17DN/APlease Call
1112040SFRAME RIGID TI 18W x 18DN/APlease Call
1112041SFRAME RIGID TI 18W x 19DN/APlease Call
1112042SFRAME RIGID TI 18W x 20DN/APlease Call
1112043SFRAME RIGID TI 19W x 12DN/APlease Call
1112044SFRAME RIGID TI 19W x 13DN/APlease Call
1112045SFRAME RIGID TI 19W x 14DN/APlease Call
1112046SFRAME RIGID TI 19W x 15DN/APlease Call
1112047SFRAME RIGID TI 19W x 16DN/APlease Call
1112048SFRAME RIGID TI 19W x 17DN/APlease Call
1112049SFRAME RIGID TI 19W x 18DN/APlease Call
1112050SFRAME RIGID TI 19W x 19DN/APlease Call
1112051SFRAME RIGID TI 19W x 20DN/APlease Call
1112052SFRAME RIGID TI 20W x 12DN/APlease Call
1112053SFRAME RIGID TI 20W x 13DN/APlease Call
1112054SFRAME RIGID TI 20W x 14DN/APlease Call
1112055SFRAME RIGID TI 20W x 15DN/APlease Call
1112056SFRAME RIGID TI 20W x 16DN/APlease Call
1112057SFRAME RIGID TI 20W x 17DN/APlease Call
1112058SFRAME RIGID TI 20W x 18DN/APlease Call
1112059SFRAME RIGID TI 20W x 19DN/APlease Call
1112060SFRAME RIGID TI 20W x 20DN/APlease Call
2102262-007BHCS, M6 X 1 X 45, FULL, NP
3200113NUT HEX NYLOCK M6 X 1