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Wheel Lock (4000)

Name: Breezy EC (2000, 2000HD, 3000, & 4000): Wheel Lock (4000)
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Wheel Lock (4000) parts diagram
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Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1AGEY-4WLWHEEL LOCK PULL-TO-LOCK- Pair- use with ELRsN/APlease Call
1BGEY-4WLPUSHWHEEL LOCK PUSH-TO-LOCK- Pair-comes std for chairs w/o ELRsN/APlease Call
1CGEY-4RWL4000R PULL TO LOCK WHEELLOCK- Pair- Use with ELRs & Recline optionN/APlease Call
1DGEY-4RWLPUSH4000R PUSH TO LOCK WHEELLOCK- Pair-Std for chairs w/o ELRs & Recline optionN/APlease Call