Sling Seat Base - 16" Deep, Non-adjustable

Name: Stylus: Sling Seat Base - 16" Deep, Non-adjustable
Manufacturer: Pride Mobility
Sling Seat Base - 16
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Top-level assemblies will include components designated with corresponding lower-case letters. Parts without lower-case extensions will be included in all top-level assemblies.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
A1a - A3SETASMB5154SEAT BASE, ASSY, SLING, 16"W, 16"D, (MTS: 3200CM02)N/APlease Call
A1b - A3SETASMB5155SEAT BASE, ASSY, SLING, 18"W, 16"D, (MTS: 3200BM99)
A1c - A3SETASMB5156SEAT BASE, ASSY, SLING, 20"W, 16"D, (MTS: 3200CM03)N/APlease Call
A1aSETBASE2406SEAT BASE, SLING, 16"W, 16"D, (MTS: 4370CM82)N/APlease Call
A1bSETBASE2407SEAT BASE, SLING, 18"W, 16"D, (MTS: 4370CM80)N/APlease Call
A1cSETBASE2408SEAT BASE, SLING, 20"W, 16"D, (MTS: 4370CM83)N/APlease Call
A2FRMINDV1104FRAME, STRIP, STEEL, 16"D, SLING SEAT, (MTS:41200042)N/APlease Call
A3SCRASBH1132SCREW, BHSCS, ZINC, M5-.8 X 16MM, (MTS: 51205008)