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Discontinued Rigid Aluminum Seat Pan

Name: Tsunami Ti (Discontinued): Discontinued Rigid Aluminum Seat Pan
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
Discontinued Rigid Aluminum Seat Pan parts diagram
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Rigid Seat Pans may be quoted, but must be ordered through Customer Service.

If your chair was ordered prior to February 2013 a custom seat pan may be required.

Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1a001627Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 10- Replaced with 505952N/APlease Call
1b001628Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 11- Replaced with 505953N/APlease Call
1c001629Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 12- Replaced with 505954N/APlease Call
1d001630Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 13- Replaced with 505955N/APlease Call
1e001631Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 14- Replaced with 505956N/APlease Call
1f001632Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 15- Replaced with 505957N/APlease Call
1g001633Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 16- Replaced with 505958N/APlease Call
1h002120Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 17- Replaced with 505959N/APlease Call
1i002121Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 18- Replaced with 505960N/APlease Call
1j002122Seat Pan Rigid 10 x 19- Replaced with 505961N/APlease Call
1k001634Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 10- Replaced with 505962N/APlease Call
1l001635Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 11- Replaced with 505963N/APlease Call
1m001636Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 12- Replaced with 505964N/APlease Call
1n001637Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 13- Replaced with 505965N/APlease Call
1o001638Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 14- Replaced with 505966N/APlease Call
1p001639Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 15- Replaced with 505967N/APlease Call
1q001640Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 16- Replaced with 505968N/APlease Call
1r002123Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 17- Replaced with 505969N/APlease Call
1s002124Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 18- Replaced with 505970N/APlease Call
1t002125Seat Pan Rigid 11 x 19- Replaced with 505971N/APlease Call
1u001641Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 10- Replaced with 505972N/APlease Call
1v001642Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 11- Replaced with 505973N/APlease Call
1w001643Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 12- Replaced with 505974N/APlease Call
1x001644Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 13- Replaced with 505975N/APlease Call
1y001645Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 14- Replaced with 505976N/APlease Call
1z001646Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 15- Replaced with 505977N/APlease Call
1aa001647Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 16- Replaced with 505978N/APlease Call
1ab001648Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 17- Replaced with 505979N/APlease Call
1ac001649Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 18- Replaced with 505980N/APlease Call
1ad002126Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 19- Replaced with 505981N/APlease Call
1ae002127Seat Pan Rigid 12 x 20- Replaced with 505982N/APlease Call
1af001650Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 10- Replaced with 505983N/APlease Call
1ag001651Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 11- Replaced with 505984N/APlease Call
1ah001652Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 12- Replaced with 505985N/APlease Call
1ai001653Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 13- Replaced with 505986N/APlease Call
1aj001654Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 14- Replaced with 505987N/APlease Call
1ak001655Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 15- Replaced with 505988N/APlease Call
1al001656Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 16- Replaced with 505989N/APlease Call
1am001657Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 17- Replaced with 505990N/APlease Call
1an001658Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 18- Replaced with 505991N/APlease Call
1ao002128Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 19- Replaced with 505992N/APlease Call
1ap002129Seat Pan Rigid 13 x 20- Replaced with 505993N/APlease Call
1aq001659Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 10- Replaced with 505994N/APlease Call
1ar001660Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 11- Replaced with 505995N/APlease Call
1as001661Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 12- Replaced with 505996N/APlease Call
1at001662Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 13- Replaced with 505997N/APlease Call
1au001663Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 14- Replaced with 505859N/APlease Call
1av001664Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 15- Replaced with 505860N/APlease Call
1aw001665Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 16- Replaced with 505861N/APlease Call
1ax001666Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 17- Replaced with 505862N/APlease Call
1ay001667Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 18- Replaced with 505863N/APlease Call
1az001668Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 19- Replaced with 505864N/APlease Call
1ba001669Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 20- Replaced with 505865N/APlease Call
1bb002130Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 21- Replaced with 505866N/APlease Call
1bc002131Seat Pan Rigid 14 x 22- Replaced with 505867N/APlease Call
1bd001670Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 10- Replaced with 505998N/APlease Call
1be001671Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 11- Replaced with 505999N/APlease Call
1bf001672Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 12- Replaced with 506000N/APlease Call
1bg001673Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 13- Replaced with 506001N/APlease Call
1bh001674Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 14- Replaced with 505868N/APlease Call
1bi001675Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 15- Replaced with 505869N/APlease Call
1bj001676Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 16- Replaced with 505870N/APlease Call
1bk001677Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 17- Replaced with 505871N/APlease Call
1bl001678Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 18- Replaced with 505872N/APlease Call
1bm001679Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 19- Replaced with 505873N/APlease Call
1bn001680Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 20- Replaced with 505874N/APlease Call
1bo002133Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 21- Replaced with 505875N/APlease Call
1bp002134Seat Pan Rigid 15 x 22- Replaced with 505876N/APlease Call
1bq001681Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 10- Replaced with 506002N/APlease Call
1br001682Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 11- Replaced with 506003N/APlease Call
1bs001683Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 12- Replaced with 506004N/APlease Call
1bt001684Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 13- Replaced with 506005N/APlease Call
1bu001685Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 14- Replaced with 505877N/APlease Call
1bv001686Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 15- Replaced with 505878N/APlease Call
1bw001687Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 16- Replaced with 505879N/APlease Call
1bx001688Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 17- Replaced with 505880N/APlease Call
1by001689Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 18- Replaced with 505881N/APlease Call
1bz001690Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 19- Replaced with 505882N/APlease Call
1ca001691Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 20- Replaced with 505883N/APlease Call
1cb002136Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 21- Replaced with 505884N/APlease Call
1cc002137Seat Pan Rigid 16 x 22- Replaced with 505885N/APlease Call
1cd003632Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 12- Replaced with 506006N/APlease Call
1ce003633Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 13- Replaced with 506007N/APlease Call
1cf001692Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 14- Replaced with 505886N/APlease Call
1cg001693Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 15- Replaced with 505887N/APlease Call
1ch001694Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 16- Replaced with 505888N/APlease Call
1ci001695Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 17- Replaced with 505889N/APlease Call
1cj001696Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 18- Replaced with 505890N/APlease Call
1ck001697Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 19- Replaced with 505891N/APlease Call
1cl001698Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 20- Replaced with 505892N/APlease Call
1cm002139Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 21- Replaced with 505893N/APlease Call
1cn002140Seat Pan Rigid 17 x 22- Replaced with 505894N/APlease Call
1co003634Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 13- Replaced with 506008N/APlease Call
1cp001699Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 14- Replaced with 505895N/APlease Call
1cq001700Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 15- Replaced with 505896N/APlease Call
1cr001701Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 16- Replaced with 505897N/APlease Call
1cs001702Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 17- Replaced with 505898N/APlease Call
1ct001703Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 18- Replaced with 505899N/APlease Call
1cu001704Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 19- Replaced with 505900N/APlease Call
1cv001705Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 20- Replaced with 505901N/APlease Call
1cw002142Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 21- Replaced with 505902N/APlease Call
1cx002143Seat Pan Rigid 18 x 22- Replaced with 505903N/APlease Call
1cy002145Seat Pan Rigid 19 x 14- Replaced with 505904N/APlease Call
1cz001706Seat Pan Rigid 19 x 15- Replaced with 505905N/APlease Call
1da001707Seat Pan Rigid 19 x 16- Replaced with 505906N/APlease Call
1db001708Seat Pan Rigid 19 x 17- Replaced with 505907N/APlease Call
1dc001709Seat Pan Rigid 19 x 18- Replaced with 505908N/APlease Call
1dd001710Seat Pan Rigid 19 x 19- Replaced with 505909N/APlease Call
1de001711Seat Pan Rigid 19 x 20- Replaced with 505910N/APlease Call
1df002146Seat Pan Rigid 19 x 21- Replaced with 505911N/APlease Call
1dg002147Seat Pan Rigid 19 x 22- Replaced with 505912N/APlease Call
1dh002149Seat Pan Rigid 20 x 14- Replaced with 505913N/APlease Call
1di001712Seat Pan Rigid 20 x 15- Replaced with 505914N/APlease Call
1dj001713Seat Pan Rigid 20 x 16- Replaced with 505915N/APlease Call
1dk001714Seat Pan Rigid 20 x 17- Replaced with 505916N/APlease Call
1dl001715Seat Pan Rigid 20 x 18- Replaced with 505917N/APlease Call
1dm001716Seat Pan Rigid 20 x 19- Replaced with 505918N/APlease Call
1dn001717Seat Pan Rigid 20 x 20- Replaced with 505919N/APlease Call
1do002150Seat Pan Rigid 20 x 21- Replaced with 505920N/APlease Call
1dp002151Seat Pan Rigid 20 x 22- Replaced with 505921N/APlease Call
1dq002153Seat Pan Rigid 21 x 14- Replaced with 505922N/APlease Call
1dr002154Seat Pan Rigid 21 x 15- Replaced with 505923N/APlease Call
1ds001718Seat Pan Rigid 21 x 16- Replaced with 505924N/APlease Call
1dt001719Seat Pan Rigid 21 x 17- Replaced with 505925N/APlease Call
1du001720Seat Pan Rigid 21 x 18- Replaced with 505926N/APlease Call
1dv001721Seat Pan Rigid 21 x 19- Replaced with 505927N/APlease Call
1dw001722Seat Pan Rigid 21 x 20- Replaced with 505928N/APlease Call
1dx002155Seat Pan Rigid 21 x 21- Replaced with 505929N/APlease Call
1dy002156Seat Pan Rigid 21 x 22- Replaced with 505930N/APlease Call
1dz002158Seat Pan Rigid 22 x 14- Replaced with 505931N/APlease Call
1ea002159Seat Pan Rigid 22 x 15- Replaced with 505932N/APlease Call
1eb001723Seat Pan Rigid 22 x 16- Replaced with 505933N/APlease Call
1ec001724Seat Pan Rigid 22 x 17- Replaced with 505934N/APlease Call
1ed001725Seat Pan Rigid 22 x 18- Replaced with 505935N/APlease Call
1ee001726Seat Pan Rigid 22 x 19- Replaced with 505936N/APlease Call
1ef001727Seat Pan Rigid 22 x 20- Replaced with 505937N/APlease Call
1eg002160Seat Pan Rigid 22 x 21- Replaced with 505938N/APlease Call
1eh002161Seat Pan Rigid 22 x 22- Replaced with 505939N/APlease Call
2100734M5 x 16 DIN7985 PHMS ZCN/APlease Call