ActiveAid 496 Series Stainless Steel - 24" Rear Wheels

ActiveAid 496 Series Stainless Steel - 24
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The ActiveAid 496, Rehab Shower/Commode Chair-Recline, features a split back allowing the top portion to be removed, providing the caregiver easy access for transfers. This is a great feature for reduced back strain and making transfers more manageable. A high-grade, stainless steel frame addresses the problems caused by corrosion.

P13685 - 17" W x 17" D Stainless Steel Frame
P61096 - 24" Wheels
P13689 - Axles with Tipping Levers
ACTP60532 - Wheel Locks
P60841-2 - 5" Front Casters
P13686/P13687 - Left & Right Hand Armrest with Arm Trough
P13682/P13683 - Left & Right Elevating Leg Rest
PL11099/PR11099 - Left & Right Foot Plates
- 17" W Solid Upper & Lower Back

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