ActiveAid 283 Tilt In Space Plus Shower/Commode Chair

ActiveAid 283 Tilt In Space Plus Shower/Commode Chair
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ActiveAid has designed these Tilt In Space Plus shower/commode chairs so that a wide range of special needs can be addressed for the pediatric or adult client. The capability for multiple adjustments is important to accommodate the growth of a pediatric client and address the changing needs of an adult user. The patented design offers the user and caregiver the versatility to use the chair for toileting, bathing, positioning, and mobility purposes...

PP13548 - 17.5" W x 18" D Stainless Steel Frame
P13770 - 5" Front Caster and 5" Dual Locking Rear Casters
P60778 - 17.25" W x 18" D Ensolite Front/Rear Open Seat
PL13171/PR13171 - Left & Right Armrest with Pad
P13557/P13558 - Left & Right Elevating Leg Rest
PL13552/PR13552 - Left & Right Foot Plate
P11096 - Full Length Solid Back
PW60908 - 48" Waist Belt
PL13155/PR13155 - Left & Right Lateral
P1384X - Bedpan and Hanger
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